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In today's business world, the need for access to company data reaches beyond the walls of the office. In order to protect the exchange of information without compromising productivity or security, your network can be private and secure with CNC's Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

A VPN creates secure channels for data exchange by utilizing an IP network. This provides not only a cost effective, more secure solution but one that replaces expensive leased lines and costly high-maintenance modem pools for communication between remote users and the corporate network, and between multiple corporate offices.

This VPN allows personnel to monitor managed infrastructure devices for up/down status. In the event that a failure occurs, our technicians will notify customer personnel of the outage and the affected nodes.

Unfortunately, we now live in an era where daily security threats are a way of life. Yet, some organizations have not implemented the vital safeguards and necessary security equipment to protect their day-to-day mission critical applications. Today there are many ways to close the gaps and insulate networks from the myriad of threats in existence today.

CNC provide systems that are easy to use and maintain. Today's integrated devices may be modified and are scalable based upon the changing needs of the customer. These products are also an integrated part of the secure network system but operate independently.

These solutions can support up to 10,000 active email users and handle more than 10 million messages each day.

In addition to providing protection on a grand scale, these systems are affordable to any size business and do not require per license user fees. We invite your questions about how we can assist you in protecting your business from the destruction of cyberattacks and internet spam.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems and services (integrated network, firewall monitoring, and host-based intrusion detection systems)
  • Disaster Recovery (on-site and remote troubleshooting for hard drive recovery services, data recovery)
  • Security for Information Storage Systems

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