IP Telephony & Unified Communications

Cut costs by unifying with IP communications


Today- most offices have few boundaries. People are working from home, on the road and in multiple offices.  There's a huge cost associated with this trend- Unless you have a unified communications platform that makes it work.   

A well-planned IP telephony strategy creates an ROI scenario that places the elimination of redundancy and services costs at the forefront.  CNC assists you in understanding how the many components and applications contained within an IP solution fit together to transform your network and how you do business.

First, voice and data convergence isn't limited to using WAN transport to carry voice traffic. Instead, a new breed of customized telephone systems has evolved. Second, characteristically full of bells and whistles, the new best of breed systems enable convergence all the way to the desktop PC as they are linked directly to the IT network. This creates an entirely new realm of possibilities. So it isn't surprising that a plethora of custom-driven business tools have become commonplace as a result of IP Telephony Convergence technologies. 

IP Telephony & Unified Communications Partners
Cisco, Polycom, Siemens